sometimes being dead is a relief, not a tragic

Our houses are getting bigger and bigger but families are getting smaller and smaller.
Way of living is becoming way more convenient but the amount of time we have always seems inadequate
Education standards become higher and higher but our general knowledge seem to be fading.
Our knowledge about things seems to be increasing but judgement is seemingly worse
There are more and more experts but our problems don’t seem to be resolved.
Medicine becoming more and more advanced. But we don’t seem to be healthier.
Income getting higher and higher but morality standards become lower and lower.
We spend alot but have little joy.
Our cars travel fast but our tempers rise fast too.
Our bedtimes are getting later and later but the amount of time to read Is getting lesser and lesser
We speak of kindness. But where are the actions ?

g. A

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I hope my blog will make you smile


Ali Michael is amazin

“Everybody fucking leaves.”

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